B&W Classe

Classe USB Drivers

SSP-800/CT-SSP/Classe Amplifiers USB Connection Driver

Download USB drivers for the Classe Delta and CT Series models that offer a USB input. The USB input can be used for software updates as well as configuration of settings such as power up delay on the amplifiers.

If the Classe component is not detected by Windows upon connecting the USB cable, please disconnect the Classe component from the USB cable, download and install the appropriate driver below. After the driver has successfully installed, reconnect the USB cable. Windows should detect new hardware and install the drivers. Once successfully installed, the Classe component will appear in Device Manager under the "Ports (COM&LPT) section as "CP210x USB to UART Bridge Controller (COMx)".

Classe Windows USB 2.0 Drivers

Download Windows USB 2.0 drivers for upgraded CP-800 versions and Sigma SSP to enable 192kHz audio.

Version: 2.29.0 Date: 03/05/2015

Sigma SSP and CP-800 versions with the upgraded USB audio board will now support audio playback up to 192kHz. The Classe USB 2.0 driver below is required in order to play USB audio files from a Windows PC.

Note that Mac users do not need to install a driver to support playback up to 192kHz with their Classe component.

NOTE:It is strongly recommended that any earlier versions of the Classe USB Audio driver be uninstalled prior to installing the new version.

For a PDF document of the USB driver installation, click here.