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Docklight is a useful program for low-level RS232 testing to verify correct RS232 operation and feedback from a component.
A free trial version can be downloaded from their website at the link below:

Docklight Test Files

The following files are tested command files for various models that can be used with Docklight for RS232 testing purposes.

Rotel & B&W Docklight Test Files
A12 A14 CD14
B&W CASA B&W Panorama B&W Panorama 2
RA-1070 RA-1570 Original RA-1570 V1.1.8+
RA-12 V02 RAP-1580 RC-1082
RC-1090 RC-1570 RC-1580
RC-1590 RCC-1055 RCC-1055 V02
RCD-1520 RCD-1570 Original RCD-1570 V1.0.8+
RCD-1572 RCX-1500 RCX-1500 V02
RDD-1580 RDG-1520 RDG-1520 V02
RDV-1060 RDV-1092 RDV-1093
RKB-850 RKB-D850 RKB-8100
RKB-D8100 RSP-976 RSP-1066
RSP-1068 RSP-1069 RSP-1098
RSP-1570 RSP-1572 RSP-1582
RSX-1055 RSX-1056 RSX-1057
RSX-1058 RSX-1065 RSX-1067
RSX-1550 RSX-1560 RSX-1562
RT-11 V02 RT-1080 RT-1084
RX-1050 RX-1052 RX-1052 V03