CASA Controller & Interface Fuse Replacement

The information below is fuse values for North American 120V units.

CASA Controller

Power Board - Located inside controller behind plastic cover
Unswitched AC Outlet Location F1: 1A 250V AGC/GMA
Main Power Location F2: 6.3A 250V AGC/GMA
Mother Board - Located inside controller near heat sink
Zone DC Power Rails Location F1/F2: 10A 250V AGC/GMA
Switched AC Relay Location F3: 5A 250V AGC/GMA

CASA Interface

Power Board - Located inside interface behind AC receptacle
Primary Fuses Location F3/F4: 1.6A or 4A 250V GMA
Secondary Fuses Location F1/F2: 6.3A 250V GMA


All fuses have "T" designation for timed reaction (slo-blow).

Glass type fuses are acceptable for replacement of the ceramic type.

Converted UK Controllers may indicate F1 as 500mA and F2 as 3.15A on the Power Board (Mother Board fuses are the same for both versions).

AGC/GMA indicates dual fuse size receptacle (30mm/19mm).

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