B&W Group North America

Product Voltage Conversion Rates & Information

Should a B&W Group product require a change to a different operating voltage, it can be sent to the B&W Group North America for a voltage conversion to the desired voltage. Below is information on rates & policies for this process for the various brands. The rates quoted below do not include return shipping costs.

A Repair Invoice (RI) should be obtained prior to sending the product in for conversion. For information on requesting a Repair Invoice please refer to our service procedures page.

Please note that not all models can be can be converted to a different operating voltage. In the case that a model's operating voltage cannot be converted an external step-up or step-down transformer would be required to run the product on a different voltage AC line.

B&W Loudspeakers

Some B&W subwoofer amplifiers can be converted to different operating voltages, however many cannot be changed. Please refer to the chart linked below to confirm if the model in question can be converted.

B&W Subwoofer Information Chart

NOTE: Only US style AC power cords are stocked. If the product is being converted from 240V to North American 120V the cord will be replaced with a North American style plug. However if the product is being converted from 120V to 240V, while the internal voltage will be converted, the power cord will not be changed and will require an adapter or external cord.

Voltage Conversion Rates:

Subwoofer Amplifiers - $150